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Relocating to a new country can be a very emotional and daunting task. There are so many things you need to do, that removal is simply on the items on a long “to do list”. We here at Intertrans plan to make the “Removal” part stress free as possible.

What to do?

Firstly call us on +2731 569 6111, and talk to our experienced consultants, located at our Durban offices. WE have a wealth of information at hand that can set your mind at ease straight away. We do prefer to view all international relocations as all quotations are based on the space taken in the container. Therefore it’s vital that we come out to measure up.

How is the quotation calculated?

Based on the total cubic capacity your household good take up in the container, the costing is broken up into three aspects:


Exports wrapping, collection, container loading at your residence, handling into store, crating, customs clearance in South Africa and container storage if required.


Ocean freight which is calculated in US Dollars and converted to SA Rands at the current exchange clearance in South Africa and container cartage.


Destination services which includes customs clearance of your consignment and delivered into your new home. This is calculated in the currency of your destination and converted to SA Rands at the prevailing rates of exchange.

Can you store my belongings for me here or overseas?

YES – most defiantly. We have security controlled here and at our destination agents.

Will the price include delivery to the other end?

YES- if we give you a door to door quotation it will include customs clearance and delivery into your home overseas unless you have specifically requested otherwise. Customs of the country of your destination may request to examine your assets or have them placed in quarantine which will be an additional cost. Most countries will impose customs duties and takes on alcohol, tobacco or new items. Our consultants will be able to provide you with more information based on your country of destination.

Is packing included and how do you go about this?

Yes, our professional packing is included in the price. Your small fragile items are securely wrapped in clean white paper and placed in special cushioning material before placed in specially made shipping cartons. Large items are wrapped in protective wrapping and large fragile items such as antiques or valuable pictures are crated. All packages are carefully labelled and a detailed inventory is made before your possessions leave your home.

How will my possessions and belongings be shipped?

We utilise standardised steel shipping containers which can be handled at all major destinations in the world. The container remains sealed from your residence or from our warehouse to your new residence overseas. We can also arrange airfreight which in some cases, is quite economical. As shipping a container can take six to eight weeks, you may wish to airfreight you.

Will my goods get mixed up if we use a part- load container?

Definitely not! Every item is pre-packed and clearly labelled. The inventory is checked up to six times during shipment.

Is it worth taking everything?

That depends on the cost of replacement of an item compared with the shipping cost. We will be happy to provide you with more than one quote based on various options. We have plenty of experience in this regard and will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

Can I take my car?

Yes, However, authority to export a motor vehicle must be obtained from the the Reserve Bank. The facts must be discussed thoroughly with our consultants regarding the importation in the destination country. Additional documents will be required which are easily obtainable. The actual shipping is straight forward. The vehicle is loaded into the container prior to anything else enclosed in an extremely robust, custom made crate, providing total protection during transit. Your household are then packed into the same container.

Will my goods be insured?

Because of the nature of an international move, there is obviously an element of risk. For this reason it is recommended that you insure your consignment. We offer comprehensive marine insurance underwritten by a leading international company. You will be required to complete an application form inventory of the values of your possessions on forms provided.

How much should I insure my belongings for?

Your premium is based on the percentage of the sum insured. The single biggest problem of insurance claims lies in the area of under insuring. So, if you have a claim, a detailed evaluation avoids problems. You are strongly advised to insure for replacement costs in the destination country even if its detailed in SA Rands.

What if I pack myself?

Regrettable, no matter how carefully you pack, the underwriters will not insure for breakage or loss of items packed by the owner, but you can opt for a “Total loss cover”.

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