Moving and Relocation Services

Intertrans Movers is proud to offer the most comprehensive moving and relocation services in South Africa. We are able to assist you in every aspect of your move, from supplying storage units to international shipping or airfreight solutions. We strive to provide our clients with a prompt and helpful service, ensuring peace of mind. When it comes to client satisfaction and service excellence in the relocation and moving industry, we are the leaders.


Intertrans Movers Services


Domestic Relocation And Moving Services

Our domestic services are seamless and always on time. We are able to assist in any relocation to any city or town in South Africa. Whether you are in need of furniture removal, office relocation or residential relocation, we have the expert knowledge and services for you.


Long Distance/ International Relocation

Intertrans Movers have the expertise to provide the best long distance or international relocation to any destination world-wide. We provide a variety of professional international relocation services, from shipping to airfreight solutions. We have a wealth of information and experience in this field to ensure our clients are always satisfied with the process and outcome.


Specialised Relocation Services


Intertrans Movers is also able to assist you in many areas of relocation such as pet relocation, vehicles, boats and caravan relocations.

Safety and security of your property is vital and we guarantee that our clients goods will be handled with absolute care and commitment. Rest easy, knowing that we at Intertrans Movers, have your move or relocation under control.

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